Market Research Reports

India Video Surveillance Camera Market, CY 3Q’ 2014

Rising transportation infrastructure, increasing public surveillance, government security spending, growing IT spending across major applications, and surging crime rates have fueled the demand for video surveillance systems in India. Video Surveillance Camera (VSC) market which is dominated by analog surveillance camera is witnessing a shift towards IP surveillance cameras on account of declining prices and demand for remote access.

According to 6Wresearch, India VSC market have registered more than 1 million units for CY 3Q 2014. In the current Quarter, India VSC market experienced a decline of around 16% over CY 2Q 2014. However, YOY growth of approximately 55% was registered in CY 3Q 2014 as compared to the same quarter of previous year. Some of the major players in the India VSC market are Hikvision, CP Plus, Dahua Security, Securus, Secure-Eye and Maximus.

   Key features of the report:

1. Total Video Surveillance Camera shipment in India
2. Market share by various players in various segments and specifications
3. Market by Type
3.1 Analog
3.2 IP
4. Shipments by market players
5. Model wise shipments by each company
6. Price of each model
7. Specifications covering
7.1 Analog Surveillance Camera Specification:
7.1.1 Card Support
7.1.2 Company
7.1.3 Day/Night
7.1.4 Megapixel
7.1.5 MMC Card Support
7.1.6 Model No.
7.1.7 Resolution
7.1.8 SD Card Support
7.1.9 VSC Shape
7.1.10 Micro SD Card Support
7.2 IP Surveillance Camera Specification:
7.2.1 Alarm Trigger
7.2.2 Bit Rate
7.2.3 BLC
7.2.4 Card Support
7.2.5 CGI
7.2.6 Compression
7.2.7 Digital Noise Reduction
7.2.8 Dimension
7.2.9 Dual Stream
7.2.10 Ethernet Port
7.2.11 Image Sensor
7.2.12 IR Range
7.2.13 ISAPI
7.2.14 Lens
7.2.15 Lens Mount
7.2.16 Megapixel
7.2.17 Micro SD Card Support
7.2.18 Min. Illumination
7.2.19 MMC Card Support
7.2.20 Network Storage
7.2.21 ONVIF Compliant
7.2.22 POE
7.2.23 PSIA
7.2.24 PTZ
7.2.25 SD Card Support
7.2.26 Shutter Time
7.2.27 Type Of Ethernet
7.2.28 Type Of POE
7.2.29 Type Of USB
7.2.30 USB
7.2.31 Video Analytics
7.2.32 VSC Shape
7.2.33 Weight
7.2.34 Wide Dynamic Range

1. India Video Surveillance Camera Market
2. Video Surveillance Camera by Price
3. Market by Type
3.1 Analog
3.2 IP
4. Video Surveillance Camera Market By Specifications
4.1 Analog Surveillance Camera Specification:
4.1.1 Card Support
4.1.2 Company
4.1.3 Day/Night
4.1.4 Megapixel
4.1.5 MMC Card Support
4.1.6 Model No.
4.1.7 Resolution
4.1.8 SD Card Support
4.1.9 VSC Shape
4.1.10 Micro SD Card Support
4.2 IP Surveillance Camera Specification:
4.2.1 Alarm Trigger
4.2.2 Bit Rate
4.2.3 BLC
4.2.4 Card Support
4.2.5 CGI
4.2.6 Compression
4.2.7 Digital Noise Reduction
4.2.8 Dimension
4.2.9 Dual Stream
4.2.10 Ethernet Port
4.2.11 Image Sensor
4.2.12 IR Range
4.2.13 ISAPI
4.2.14 Lens
4.2.15 Lens Mount
4.2.16 Megapixel
4.2.17 Micro SD Card Support
4.2.18 Min. Illumination
4.2.19 MMC Card Support
4.2.20 Network Storage
4.2.21 ONVIF Compliant
4.2.22 POE
4.2.23 PSIA
4.2.24 PTZ
4.2.25 SD Card Support
4.2.26 Shutter Time
4.2.27 Type Of Ethernet
4.2.28 Type Of POE
4.2.29 Type Of USB
4.2.30 USB
4.2.31 Video Analytics
4.2.32 VSC Shape
4.2.33 Weight
4.2.34 Wide Dynamic Range
5. Market Share Of the Companies:
5.1 Overall Market Share
5.2 Market share By Specifications
6. Companies Covered in this dataset (Partial List)
6.1 Hikvision
6.2 CP Plus
6.3 Dahua Security
6.4 Securus
6.5 Capture CCTV
6.6 Secure-Eye
6.7 Maximus
7. Series Covered in this excel sheet: CY 3Q’ 2014
7.1 Video Surveillance Camera unit shipments by players
7.2 Type of Video Surveillance Camera
7.3 Model wise unit shipments
7.4 Price band
7.5 Specifications

6Wresearch publishes monthly/quarterly/annual shipments data of Video Surveillance Camera Market in India. The publication would enable the player to enter or devise strategies to expand its presence in India Video Surveillance Camera Market by monitoring the shipments data by various types and specifications on a regular basis. This would also allow Companies to track their competitor’s performance on a periodical basis.


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