Market Research Reports

6Wresearch-India Router Market, CY 1Q 2015

India Router market witnessed significant technological changes over the last few quarters due to rise in demand for internet connectivity coupled with increasing number of internet subscribers and growth in BYOD market.

According to 6Wresearch, India Router Market shipments registered 0.67 million units during CY 1Q 2015. TP-Link led the India SOHO Router market whereas, Cisco captured major share in the Commercial Router segment. Further, during CY 1Q 2015, in the India SOHO Router market Netgear ranked 2nd and registered a substantial triple digit growth over the same quarter previous year.

   Key features of the report:
1. Total Router shipments in India
2. Market share by various players in various segments and specifications
3. Router Market by Type
3.1 Commercial Router Market
3.1.1 Wired Router Market
3.1.2 Wireless Router Market
3.2 Enterprise Router Market
4. Shipments by market players
5. Model wise shipments by each company
6. Price of each model
7. Specifications covering
7.1 SOHO/Commercial Router Market Specification:
7.1.1 Company
7.1.2 WLAN Availability
7.1.3 Dimension
7.1.4 LAN Availability
7.1.5 LAN/WAN
7.1.6 Number Of External Antennas
7.1.7 Number Of Internal Antennas
7.1.8 Number Of LAN Ports
7.1.9 Number Of WAN Ports
7.1.10 Type Of Antenna (External/Internal)
7.1.11 WAN Availability
7.1.12 Wireless Frequency
7.1.13 Wireless Speed
7.1.14 Wireless Standards
7.2 Enterprise Router Market Specification:
7.2.1 Clock Rate
7.2.2 Company
7.2.3 CPU Description
7.2.4 Dimension
7.2.5 DRAM
7.2.6 Internal Memory
7.2.7 LAN Availability
7.2.8 LAN/WAN
7.2.9 Model No.
7.2.10 Number Of External Antennas
7.2.11 Number Of Internal Antennas
7.2.12 Number Of LAN Ports
7.2.13 Number Of WAN Ports
7.2.14 Rack mounts
7.2.15 Radio Frequency
7.2.16 Router Description
7.2.17 Switching Capacity
7.2.18 Weight
7.2.19 WLAN Availability
7.2.20 Wireless Speed


1. India Router Market
2. Router by Price
3. Router Market by Type
3.1 Commercial Router Market
3.1.1 Wired Router Market
3.1.2 Wireless Router Market
3.2 Enterprise Router Market
4. Router Market By Specifications
4.1 SOHO/Commercial Router Market Specification:
4.1.1 Company
4.1.2 WLAN Availability
4.1.3 Dimension
4.1.4 LAN Availability
4.1.5 LAN/WAN
4.1.6 Number Of External Antennas
4.1.7 Number Of Internal Antennas
4.1.8 Number Of LAN Ports
4.1.9 Number Of WAN Ports
4.1.10 Type Of Antenna (External/Internal)
4.1.11 WAN Availability
4.1.12 Wireless Frequency
4.1.13 Wireless Speed
4.1.14 Wireless Standards
4.2 Enterprise Router Market Specification:
4.2.1 Clock Rate
4.2.2 Company
4.2.3 CPU Description
4.2.4 Dimension
4.2.5 DRAM
4.2.6 Internal Memory
4.2.7 LAN Availability
4.2.8 LAN/WAN
4.2.9 Model No.
4.2.10 Number Of External Antennas
4.2.11 Number Of Internal Antennas
4.2.12 Number Of LAN Ports
4.2.13 Number Of WAN Ports
4.2.14 Rack mounts
4.2.15 Radio Frequency
4.2.16 Router Description
4.2.17 Switching Capacity
4.2.18 Weight
4.2.19 WLAN Availability
4.2.20 Wireless Speed
5. Market Share Of the Companies:
5.1 Overall Market Share
5.2 Market share By Specifications
6. Companies Covered in this dataset (Partial List)
6.1 Binatone
6.2 Cisco
6.3 Digisol
6.4 D-Link
6.5 Hewlett Packard
6.6 Huawei
6.7 IBall
6.8 Juniper
6.9 Netgear
6.10 Netis Systems
6.11 Techroutes
6.12 Tenda
6.13 TP-Link
7. Series Covered in this excel sheet: 3Q’ 2014 data
7.1 Router unit shipments by players
7.2 Type of Router
7.3 Model wise unit shipments
7.4 Price band
7.5 Specifications



6Wresearch publishes monthly/quarterly/annual shipments data of Router Market in India. The publication would enable the player to enter or devise strategies to expand its presence in India India Router Market by monitoring the shipments data by various types and specifications on a regular basis. This would also allow Companies to track their competitor’s performance on a periodical basis.


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